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Maintenance of the XPS, which was done from the beginning of this week has been completed today.

Due to the maintenance, Ar+ etching rate in each channel of the XPS were slightly changed. Please check each value.

ch1 3000eV: 14.2nm / min

ch2 2000eV: 6.6nm / min

ch3 1000eV: 3.8nm / min

ch4 when using monochrome X-ray. 3000eV: 14.2nm / min

We print updated value for Ar+ etching on XPS simple manual.

XPS simple manual measurement part20141001(Sorry, now only Japanese ver.)いつもご利用頂きありがとうございます。



ch1 3000eV: 14.2nm/min

ch2 2000eV: 6.6nm/min

ch3 1000eV: 3.8nm/min

ch4 モノクロX線利用時用 3000eV: 14.2nm/min




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