Repair of XPS of Ar + ion gun has been completed.

As usual, it is possible that contamination removal and depth profile by Ar+ ion etching

With the maintenance of ion gun, there is a change in the XPS settings. Please check it.

・Changing the angle aperture and the field aperture values for setting the measurement area 1mmφ. Each new values are  34 and 14 from 32 and 12.

・The etching rate of Ar+ ion gun is changed in each channel.

Ch1: 10.0nm / min

Ch2: 5.6nm / min

Ch3: 1.5nm / min

Ch4 (Tilt-10 ° at the time): 12.0nm / min

Please check the latest XPS measurement simple manual.

X線光電子分光装置(XPS)簡易マニュアル測定編_20150724(sorry,  only japanese version)






Ch1: 10.0nm/min

Ch2: 5.6nm/min

Ch3: 1.5nm/min

Ch4(Tilt-10°時): 12.0nm/min




カテゴリー: XPS パーマリンク